I’m Kasimir, your mascot, and I live here in Kasimirs Kids World.

Actually, I’m a water buffalo. My ancestors came from this area hundreds of years ago, but moved away. So I thought- I want to visit this place. I came to REITERS RESERVE one day- it was a winter day- to have a look around. I wasn’t sure if I liked it here at first, so I decided to have a look around the countryside. But then I realized how much I liked it at the FINEST FAMILYHOTEL, and came back right away. Ever since my friend Lilly came here, I never think about going away again! We have so much fun with each other and with the kids!

I’m looking forward to having lots of adventures with you!

Greetings from Kasimir and Lilly

Kasimirs Song
I worked hard on this song for you. To play the song, click the orange button.